Save Your Back By Moving with BungoBox

When moving a home or office, people are often lifting heavy objects and putting their back at risk. BungoBox has devised a system that will allow users to pack and unpack completely without ever having to lift a heavy box. BungoBox Arizona rents eco-friendly, reusable moving boxes for both residential and commercial use.

The secret is in their wheeled dollies. Users simply put an empty BungoBox in the fitted wheeled dolly and load it up. When that box is loaded, close the lid and stack another empty box on top. Continue this process while pushing the stack around the home or office and packing up the next area. The boxes don’t even have to be lifted to move them; simply wheel them up into the moving truck and tie them down. When arriving at the new home or office, simply reverse the process to unpack, only lifting empty boxes from the top of the stack.

“Joint health is no joke, and one of the most common places of pain due to injury is the lower back. People often injure their backs when attempting to lift heavy items, twisting or some other sudden movement,” says Heather Rosson, owner of BungoBox. “Even people who are in great shape and are young can injure their back by lifting incorrectly. Remember when lifting heavy objects to lift with your legs and not bend over at the waist.”

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