Your Higher Self Is Calling

Your Higher Self (HS) is the part of you that is most expansive, residing in another dimension (or timeline, such as your future). It is the part of us that is free of the fetters of this earth. It lives without limiting beliefs or perceptions, in an open field of possibility.

Though we are always connected with this aspect of our truest selves, we need to turn inward, away from all distractions, to listen and partake in its wisdom. It sees all of life from a higher perspective and leads us through loving choices instead of fearful ones. It is a calm voice that wants us to be free and in the flow with the natural rhythms of life, right here and now.

Meditation, quiet time in nature, eating a high vibrational diet and choosing love over fear are ways to connect with this inner beauty. Our HS has so many keys to our happiness; it behooves us to spend time every day going within and setting our intention to align more fully. This part of us can reveal aspects of ourselves that we have long forgotten. This includes our innate, unique core values and what we came into this world to do. It’s a crucial relationship to forge on a spiritual path, as we turn to our own heart and sensing.

Learn to trust in who you really are and transform your world through being here.

Rebecca Saxon RN, MA is a Transformational Coach, World Server and teacher in Oro Valley. Connect at 520-248-6351, or

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