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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Founded 2017

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Anna Mana Ra, Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healer

*Higher Heart Healing

Hello beautiful parent! I’ve been where you are, and found a pathway that healed myself, my family and my kids in Spirit and Energy Work. I am truly HONORED to be in this journey with each and everyone of you as a spiritually awakened parent. It is a sacred thing for sure! It is a lifestyle choice that your soul chose, and it is stretching you, expanding your heart, and growing beautiful you! Parenting teaches us endless sacrifice—deep, deep compassion—shows us our faults and teaches us our lessons—but it also brings us the most fulfilling Joyful love that cannot be described with words. I’m here for it and for your children too. I honor them. These amazing rainbow children who will be on the frontline of healing the world when we go back to Source Light. How this Works The fact of the matter is, you or your child is being called to this work—because they are highly evolved in their consciousness, and WILL BECOME a lightwkrker for this world. Here is what I suggest for parents and/or kids who are drawn to working with energy: Start working with private energy sessions So if all that I’ve written here resonates for you, book a session or select a package for your child below and let’s do some good work together.

I am currently offering 45 minute sessions for your child in 1, 3 or 5 session bookings. Go to my website to purchase or read more!