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Restoring Hope and Manifesting Love

Apr 30, 2023 02:00PM ● By Anna Mana Ra
If you are finding yourself here in May of 2023, in an energy where a lot of emotional movement and upheaval has been a theme for this year, you are not alone. Post Spring Equinox, we are currently entering the new year according to our Gaian calendar, and that means a totally new energy theme: relationships.
Our energy expenditure in unhealthy, dis-aligned relationships that can even become toxic or abusive is being presented to us now more than ever. You will see these challenges and lessons coming up as an opportunity to move through them, shift them, release them and establish a new operating system for yourself—where you are learning to re-parent yourself by creating strong, loving boundaries in who has access to your energy.
By putting into practice strong boundaries and consciously choosing who you share your energy with, you can restore hope and see more light enter your life. Spirit tells us to, first, walk in a journey of healing by enacting love of self. Boundaries with others who are not loving you, seeing you, hearing you or adoring you should be eliminated from your life, in order to make space for what your soul is aligned with and desires.
This fresh perspective can help you to heal your life and love yourself more. Be extra kind and gentle with the wonderfulness of you as you heal and walk away from relationships that no longer serve you.

Anna Mana Ra is an Energy Healer at Higher Heart Healing. For more information on her service offerings and prices, visit See ad, page 19.

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*Higher Heart Healing - 5930 East Pima Street, Ste 108, Tucson, AZ

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