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Tapping Into Your Inner Voice

Anna Mana Ra

Anna Mana Ra

Using our own divine intuition is quite simply the most effective and efficient way to navigate our hectic and demanding lives today.
Once you begin to center your body by sitting in stillness and silence—only then will you hear your inner voice. This can also be called your “Soul’s Message”.
You can learn how to begin channeling this inner wisdom during intentional times of Absence. Yes, you read correctly—Absence used as a verb means creating void and just doing nothing but
being present.
It is so powerful to interject time in your daily routine to just be with yourself and voluntarily isolate. There, you will find yourself and meet up with your emotions, which should be used to guide us and help us release and redirect, as our lives take us through our journey.
In that place, you will begin the process of remembering the “Power of You”, and creation and clarity will flow in with so much ease. This is how we are actually designed to be.
Remember that the wonder of you is here to live in a state of ease only—so allow for flow and pull back action in your life when your body and mind feel tired. Make space for your sacred time and listen to your inner voice guiding and offering you ideas and inspiration to manage your life better.

Anna Mana Ra is an Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healer at Higher Heart Healing, in Tucson. Connect at 520-333-6237 or

Higher Heart Healing - 5930 East Pima Street Ste 108 Tucson AZ

*Higher Heart Healing - 5930 East Pima Street, Ste 108, Tucson, AZ

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