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Anna Mana Ra, Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healer

*Higher Heart Healing

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Anna Mana Ra

Anna Mana Ra, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach at Higher Heart Healing, is offering special summer pricing on her digital program content at, including her Greater Than Gold program, which focuses on how to manifest in your life. Contact her for details.

For program details and discount information, call 313-303-0651, email [email protected] or visit

Welcome to my signature offer! The HeartWisdom Healing Program, for those having their first kundalini awakening. HeartWisdom Healing Program where newly sparked souls come to learn spiritual knowledge, tools, and techniques, so they can remember who they really are—and create fulfilling, abundant lives, with peace and joy.This is your 8 week guided journey to awakening your empathic gifts, while gaining clarity and inner peace in your busy life. Why you? You want to find out what is happening to you and why you feel unsure, anxious, alone, and questioning. Your’s heart desire is to feel true inner peace, satisfied, JOYFUL, and authentic appreciation for all of the things in your life. You want to feel fulfilled and confident and IMPORTANT. Why Me? I can relate to all of this. I too felt lost and socially anxious, and started to see synchronicities in my life leading me to Spirit. I got to my 4th decade, and felt like there had to be more to life. I was a seeker. This is why I can help beautiful people, just like you. Heartwisdom Healing Program So here’s how this works. There are 8 weekly Portals FULL of robust digital content for you. Every portal includes weekly video teachings (30 -45 mins long) along with empowering customized affirmations just for you; dozens of presentation slides; “Soulwork” assignments for you to do at home or on the go, AND tools and techniques to help you integrate your quantum shifts, so you can gain clarity and find your inner peace! I always throw in a few surprises along the way, so be prepared for more! Course content never expires, and you can rewatch and view as many times as you like. If you can’t open the slides, they are listed inside of each weekly portal, or can be accessed on a group shared Google drive. Just ask me for access, and I’ll send you the link to that drive via email. Once you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to ALL the portals at once. The course is designed to do one portal per week, but you can go at your own pace.

Purchase this special exclusive online content on my website at www.higherhearthealing.CO/programs

What are Runes? Runes are symbols in Nordic alphabet carved onto wood or stone dating all the way back to 700 BC and were used across the Scandinavian countries and across Europe until the 13th century AD. Each Rune contains once symbol in tune with Gaia and earth elements like Fire, Joy, Gift, Wagon, Cattle = wealth), fertility, Horse, Mother, Home, Daybreak, etc. Runes are NOT used to fortell the future, or connect with Spirit. They are only used in reading your current energies that are most prominent around you. What are Oracle Cards? My Oracle cards and Angel decks ARE used to ask Spirit a question on how you should approach a situation or offer any guidance from the other side of the veil. Always loving, supportive, and direct, these readings really are thought provoking and bring you clarity so you can feel confident while moving through a tough situation in your life. Or just for fun! I can do these types of readings remotely of course, so please just email or text me if you are not local to Tucson so we can connect via FaceTime or a Google Meet video call. I’ll set that up. Please note! After you purchase, you’ll be sent a confirmation email where you can book your appointment to come in to my office for the reading.

Package valid until the end of February only. Readings can be done REMOTELY, and I can email you an audio file of my reading, along with a photo of your Runes and Oracle Card spread.

Curious about my work? If something is telling you to keep digging...I've created a FREE ebook just for you! My targeted client is people who are new to this energy work, and are on a powerful transformation journey in this lifetime. Simply email me and I'll send you a PDF of my short 10 page ebook, where I poured my heart into the messages and tools to meet my healer/healed agreements in a special and intimate way. My customized "SoulWork" exercises are in the ebook, so get it to learn the tools to heal your life and shift your soul. What is SoulWork you ask? Read the ebook to find out! Boy, this one is good folks.

Email me at: [email protected] and ask for the ebook!