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What Is Constantly Attended Acupuncture?

Practices in acupuncture can vary in technique, and one variation is constantly attended acupuncture, as practiced by Nancy Gilliam, in Tucson. She says, “I chose this style for my patients’ safety and comfort. My patients know that they will not be left lying on a table alone in a treatment room for 20 minutes and that they will have my undivided attention during their treatment.”

During an acupuncture treatment, the patient may experience many different sensations, especially as the chi arrives. If the patient isn’t aware, and many aren’t, that there is a needle inserted in a point that is causing the sensation, they may reach to rub or scratch the area.

If the practitioner is not present in the room, this may result in the needle breaking or becoming bent. When the practitioner is constantly attending the patient, he or she can gently remind the patient that the sensation is from the chi and that there is a needle present at the site. If the sensation becomes uncomfortable, then the practitioner is available to safely remove it.

Contact: Nancy Gilliam, licensed acupuncturist, at 520-886-5122 or

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