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Tucson Pharmacist Offers Personalized Service

Cristina Manos, a licensed pharmacist, is offering a new approach she calls Medication Review to an old service. In the present era of healthcare, where people are educating themselves and making their own decisions, making decisions about pharmaceutical, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this is also an era of overprescribing, which often means that pharmacists in a retail setting are too busy to sit down with each person for a comprehensive review of their medication profile.

People are looking for honest answers about which medications are actually necessary for them, which medications may have less expensive alternatives and which medications may be causing exhaustion or other unwanted side effects. Medication Review is a preventative measure and can be looked at like yearly maintenance on your treatment plan. Manos will do a comprehensive review of an individual’s medications and supplements and work with willing physicians or other healthcare providers to make alternate suggestions in case medications are causing a health or budget issue. Manos wants to help guide people toward achieving their ideal level of health and wellness.

Contact Cristina Manos RPh, CRMT, at 520-668-3079, [email protected] or visit

Coming in May 2024
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