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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Louise Hay-Inspired Workshops

Oct 17, 2011 02:45PM

Heal Your Life workshops are based on the best-selling book by Louise Hay, publisher, teacher and author, whose extraordinary life demonstrates the power of the practices taught. If your life is less than perfect in the areas of finances, relationships, health or success this workshop will teach you ways of thinking and being that will change all that.

Your life will get better and better as a result. Handson workshops and personal life coaching are available. For people who are struggling with life challenges such as divorce, loss or bankruptcy, the workshops will not only help you through the crisis, but also begin to create the future you
want, beginning immediately.

Yvonne Shay and Lindsley Silagi are certified, experienced coaches who have both supported people in making positive life changes. Sometimes we believe that we aren’t good enough, can’t be loved or we just weren’t meant to be healthy, rich or happy. These beliefs then guide our behavior and we get results that are not what we want. The workshops teach you how to let go of self-sabotaging beliefs and begin believing new, more positive thoughts. Many participants report major life improvements following the workshop, as well as less pain, more joy and amazing demonstrations of prosperity.

Heal Your Life Workshops will be offered Oct. 29 and 30, at Embassy Suites, 5335 E. Broadway, in Tucson. For more information call 520-909-7607 or email [email protected]

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