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Letter from the Publisher

I have found that keeping my focus on the abundance that fills my life makes me happy. It requires a shift in perspective from a state of perceived lack and the adoption of an attitude of gratitude, but I do it. This month’s theme of Local and Personal Economy examines the meaning of success, comparing an emphasis on money and material things to that of more intangible values, in order to daily experience a grander quality of life.

Looking at my own successes, I consider overall abundance, rather than just bank accounts. While I work to provide for myself, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Instead of becoming stressed by what isn’t happening in my life, I am shifting gears with a daily affirmation that I live an amazing life. By measuring myself not by traditional standards, but those I feel in my core are really important, I can see that I am already successful beyond measure.

Money comes and money goes, houses can be foreclosed upon and cars can be repossessed. These are not ultimately healthy gauges of our worth. I still get caught up in making money to buy stuff and putting a price tag on my achievements. But I have discovered that the more things I accumulated, the more cluttered my house, and my life, felt. Do I own them or do they own me?

Before we can communicate with others, we must sustain our own inner dialog. If we feel needy, our speech will project that. If we feel so abundant that we not only have enough for ourselves, but plenty to share, those we meet will know this, too.

As we talk about personal, national and global economics, let’s consider our language, our demeanor and our intentions to establish a broader definition of wealth. Join me in expanding our individual and collective vision of prosperity and abundance by making it accessible every day.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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