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Natural Awakenings Tucson

What Color is Your Aura?

An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your state of body-mind-spirit. The Aura Video Station (AVS) 5.1 is an interactive multimedia biofeedback aura imaging system, built on the principles and studies of biofeedback, color psychology, human energy field and mind-body knowledge. It is offered in the Tucson area by Certified Aura Video Station Consultant and Biofeedback Technician Keri Willyoung, of Divine Connection.

The biofeedback data is measured, analyzed and processed to specific emotionalenergetic states and is displayed as an accurate representation of your energetic state: your aura. Every color of the aura has a different vibrational frequency and is associated with different chakras or energy centers in your body. Your aura colors, in turn, are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Scheduling an aura photo session is an excellent way to determine your emotional-energetic wellness and aura chakra balance. Whether you want an indepth analysis of personality patterns and aura chakra levels, a true holistic indicator of body-mind-spirit, or an exciting and educational experience, a radiant aura is the always first step towards health and wellness.

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