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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Demonstration of Psychic Phenomenon

Rev. Betty Tatalajski

Healing, psychic messages and study of metaphysics are among the many services offered by the Temple of Universality. Two of the tenets of the Temple are that there is no death and that spirit communication is real. Temple founder, Rev. Betty Tatalajski, welcomes Rev. Hoyt Robinette to the podium in January 2012 to demonstrate how we can communicate with and ask questions of friends, family and guides on the other side.

Robinette uses blindfold billets to facilitate this communication. Those attending write names of five people who are “in spirit,” one question and sign their name on billets (pieces of paper) which are folded and placed in a basket. Robinette, eyes taped and blindfolded, holds the billets, and then calls out the names of those in spirit who come to him.

When a person recognizes names, they call out and a connection is made. Robinette gives the answer to the question and whatever messages those in spirit wish to convey. He will demonstrate this psychic gift at 11 a.m. Sunday services on January 8, 15 and 23, at the Temple. Participants are encouraged to arrive early to complete the billets.

Location: The Temple of Universality, 3590 N. Country Club Rd., Tucson, 85716. (New Masonic Temple, Prince and Country Club. Contact: