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Bodywork Spotlight: Jeffrey Stayman, RN, LMT

Jeffrey Stayman, RN, LMT, offers neuromuscular integrative bodywork and massage therapy in Tucson for chronic pain, structural imbalances, anxiety and stress conditions. He says, “My practice is all about structure. Much of the pain people carry around these days is due to imbalances in their physical structures, and the way they hold themselves up against gravity. My goal is to help alleviate the build up of tension and holding in the soft tissues that are a result of compensating for these imbalances, which goes a long way to restoring ease and comfort in my clients.”

The first step for Stayman is to loosen and free long-term holding patterns that contribute to structural imbalances—a tight right hip for example, or a head held forward of center that causes upper back pain, and assist clients in returning their bodies to the natural neutral position that they have lost, which keeps painful imbalances from coming back. This second part takes longer, but the results are well worth it.

Stayman says, “I started studying massage and bodywork years ago, concurrently with beginning studies to become a chiropractor. I discovered early on that chiropractic was the wrong direction for me, but acquired a deeper interest in what the field of massage therapy had to offer and the possibilities it contained. I still like chiropractic work, and sometimes work in conjunction with chiropractors, and those experiences have been very rewarding and effective for my clients.

He is a licensed massage therapist of seven years and is also a registered nurse alumnus of the ASU School of Nursing. He states, “I’ve studied deep tissue, neuromuscular technique, and craniosacral work most extensively. I’ve also have great success using myofascial bodywork techniques with some clients, and am currently learning as much about that approach as I can.” 

Stayman’s clients are loyal to which he attributes, “My clients generally are very grounded and practical people. They come back to me because it works— they get the results they were after. I don’t waste their time or their money. If something will take several sessions
to correct, I tell them so upfront. If the issue they came to me for is resolved, I don’t try to keep them coming back to me indefinitely, as many therapists do, and I think they appreciate that.”

Individuals need not become long-term visitors. As Stayman explains, “Most often people have a specific issue or two that they want addressed, and that’s where I think I excel.”

Contact Jeffrey Stayman at 520-261-0777 or [email protected].