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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Putting the 'Personal' into Personal Training

Robert Grinnell opened Tucson Therapy with the personal touch in mind. Most of the “training gyms” in Tucson have several trainers and clients exercising at the same time in one space. Most of us have been taught at one point in our lives to share, but exercising with a trainer should be all about you and your health, not the other four people sweating 10 feet away.

Tucson Therapy has a different approach. The only client is the only one in the weight room, and there is only one trainer in the building, so it’s an individual time and place. That includes choosing the music and controlling of the fans and thermostat.

Grinnell has dumbbells, kettlebells, Swiss balls, medicine balls, tubing, weight and cardio machines, dynadiscs, Pilates rings and rollers and
lots more. The privacy, attention and variety are hard to beat. Add 21 years experience, and you’re on your way to reaching your goals.

To schedule an appointment contact Robert at 520 247-7755[email protected], or