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Resonant Sound: Therapy Taps the Gaia Connection

We can remember our birth. In the ocean, warm, floating, secure in the pulse, the rhythm and the beat, our birth process begins, and the body is squeezed through the birth canal. This squeezing causes a sensation of pressure from the outside in and begins the awakening awareness of the presence of our physical shell.

The connective tissue membrane called the fascia is the medium through which we experience and discover our physical bodies. This membrane is the only part of the human body that is connected everywhere. It surrounds every muscle, organ, blood vessel and nerve.

On both conscious and subconscious levels we can torque or twist the fascial membrane, causing a disruption in the flow of chi, or life force energy. This induces symptoms that may lead to pathology and disease penetrating through the physical, emotional, mental, subconscious and spiritual aspects of our existence.

Dr. Lance Morris has developed a new, bio-energetic healing modality called Resonant Sound Therapy (RST). A common misconception about acupuncture meridians is that they are a series of energy channels under our skin that are similar to nerves. In his research, Morris has discovered that meridians are actually embedded in the many-layered foldings of the fascia, from the skin all the way through to our bone marrow.

RST is a therapy that utilizes vocal toning between the client and therapist, combined with physical contact from the therapist in a rotational spiral with vibration. This spiral emulates the way chi flows through our bodies as a double helix. It is not a coincidence that this helix looks like DNA, the physical manifestation of this non-physical light
form activated by sound.

As the therapist and client create synergy through the organic process of RST, the fascia unwinds. This unwinding allows chi to flow unrestricted through the body, inducing healing from the inside out, from the spiritual domain all the way through to the physical.

Total permeability is the natural state of the unwound fascia. This permeable quality allows chi-spirit, as well as consciousness, to move in and out of the body shell at will. The human capacity to function as receivers, transmitters and transformers is not limited by our
five primary senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting.

When we are bound exclusively by the range of these five perceptual senses, we are fundamentally out of calibration. RST is a tool to help us recalibrate ourselves to our natural and unlimited expanded bandwidth of perception-awareness. 

As we engage the wake-up process of the physical fascial membrane, we discover the “Great Remembering.” We are children of the Earth: Gaia. She is a living, conscious entity. We have a sacred and symbiotic relationship with her and all her many and varied life forms. As our wake-up deepens, we realize that our physical fascia is a gateway to energyvibrational states that are non-physical.

As we discover that our true selfessence is not our physical body, we realize that planet Earth is only the physical shell of our mother Gaia. As we move through The Edge and Beyond, from the manifest back through the portal into the un-manifest, the Journey for Personal Self-Discovery, Awakening and Healing begins.

Morris has written a book, The Edge and Beyond: A Journey for Personal Self-Discovery, Awakening and Healing, that takes the reader into the world of hidden fascia and the mysteries of Gaia.

The Edge and Beyond is available directly from Dr. Morris’ office; Wholistic Family Medicine, 1601 N. Tucson Blvd., Ste. 37, or from, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retail outlets. Morris is available for lectures, presentations, workshops and demonstrations and office appointments. Call 520-322-8122.

Dr. Lance Morris has developed a new, bio-energetic healing modality called Resonant Sound Therapy (RST).