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Natural Awakenings Tucson

A New Vision for 2012

Cynthis Lester, M.Ed.

Cynthia Lester M.Ed., is presenting a retreat series, Intuition for Wholeness, to go beyond ordinary cues into direct experience of subtle systems including the aura, charkas and energy patterns of body and soul. The benefits of this type of exploration allow seeing what lies
beneath blockages, so new possibilities and fresh resources can be created.

We all experience flashes of intuition: a hunch, an emotion, a physical sensation, an image or a dream. One participant said, “Cynthia took me to places in myself that I never knew existed. Because of this, I can now influence my actions both professionally and personally every day at a whole new level.”

Lester has presented this retreat series around the world for 35 years and maintains an intuitive counseling private practice by phone and in person. People come to retreats or individual session in times of transition around career, relationships, illness, death, work/life balance, sense of purpose and health challenges. During work with Cynthia, people explore, discover, integrate and transform to the next step in their journey.

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