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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Love at First Bite (of Raw Chocolate)

Something magical happens when you put a really good chocolate in someone’s mouth. They pause, savor it and in an instant, seem to come alive in an almost magical sort of way. If the chocolate is really, really, good, next comes a deep, slow inhalation, with eyes closed, followed by a warm smile as they exhale and reach out to show their appreciation to the one whose gift stirred such indescribable delight.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kristen Taylor, master chocolatier and author of a new book, Secrets of a Chocolate Goddess, will share her secrets of raw chocolate making throughout the month of February. Chocolicious celebrations include a Cacao Ceremony with Jeffrey Boticelli, a chocolate making class and book release party.

From Taylor’s book and classes, learn the alchemy of raw chocolate; working with raw cacao bean butter, paste and powder while maintaining the nutritional integrity of these high-quality raw ingredients. Learn the art of infusing the concoction with medicinal herbs that are known to boost the immune system, as well as adding in aphrodisiacs for some amazing results.

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