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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Treasuring Childhood Film and Lecture Series

Tucson Waldorf School presents the Treasuring Childhood Film & Lecture Series as an opportunity for adults to observe and discuss current societal trends that challenge today’s children. The films and lectures will give perspective on a number of topics, including targeted marketing and increased consumerism; television and electronics consuming spare time; decreased physical activity; excessive homework; burnout; and cheating in school. All films and lectures are free, will be held on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 7 p.m.

Offerings include Race to Nowhere, February 1; Miss Representation, March 28; a lecture, Saving Our Children— The Role of Art, Nature and True Human Care in the Journey of Childhood, featuring Karl Johnson, April 4; and a lecture and panel: Cell Phones, Media and Our Children, featuring Elizabeth Kelley and additional panelists, April 25.

“Encouraging imagination in children is essential, and is the gateway to critical thinking and effective decision making as an adult,” states Laura Gabelsberg, a grade 2 teacher at Tucson Waldorf School. “When the child’s brain is constantly being fed with media images or is preoccupied with selfimage or fitting in, for example, the capacity for imagination is diminished, compromising the ability to create, to be productive and to have meaningful relationships.”

Location: Tucson Waldorf School River Bend campus, 3605 E. River Rd. For more information or reservations (recommended), call 520-325-5514 or email TreasuringChildhood@ Visit