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Natural Awakenings Tucson

The MasterPath Leads Us to God

Sri Gary Olsen

The MasterPath is an exact science of spirituality, and its objectives are the attainments of self and God realization, while living within this physical body. It represents the ancient teachings of pure spirituality by which all past saints and contemporary masters have imparted the eternal verities of the Divine Deity.

MasterPath is the spiritual process of merging back into the Creator, just as the drop merges back into the ocean, for its objective is to reestablish the internal connection between the individual soul and the indwelling sound current. It is a natural science, complete in every human being.

The MasterPath’s purpose is to disentangle the soul from the tyranny of mind and matter, restoring its pristine freedom once again. The MasterPath directs the seeker to an experience of profound spiritual illumination, offering a precise method by which to transcend the limitations that enslave us all.

The hallmark of all spiritual endeavors is attaining your own mastership, and the illuminated path leading to this crowning glory is secretly placed within your own body. You are both the eventual master and the sacred path.

Introductory talk at 1 p.m., March 10, at Pima Community College Downtown, 1255 N. Stone Ave., Tucson.