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Tired and Achy?

For those that feel tired and achy in the springtime and want to do all the things that come to mind, such as planting flowers or going for a walk, there may seem to be little energy left for these activities.

Medication is not always the best solution, but the alternative of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) deals with stress, anxiety and discouragement, as well as pain. Scientists have discovered that our emotions can create negative conditions in our body that result in pain and illness.

Research shows that reducing stress will greatly increase the strength of your immune system. EFT addresses stress by removing the emotional blockages. We create these when there are disruptions in our energy system due to old beliefs, upsets or traumatic events. The energetic aspect is coupled with the psychological/emotional state and beliefs we hold, and consequently, we experience gentle yet significant changes. With EFT, we simply dissolve them.

Maria Kingsley is offering a class in Stress and Anxiety Management (see Calendar of Events), and is available for individual sessions.

The Rev. Maria Kingsley, certified hypnotist, and EFT/NLP practitioner, offers a free 15-minute consultation. For more information, call 520-780-0170 or email [email protected] .

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