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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Healing Springtime Allergies

Licensed Massage Therapist Phyllis Winslow has made some important breakthroughs in the treatment of pollen allergies. To her amazement, she found that everyone had one thing in common: not feeling safe.

She started by using muscle testing to discover the origin of the allergies. In her estimation, the origin of each case could be traced back to a traumatic incident. She used EFT and Psych-K, two energetic balancing techniques, to clear the charge on this event. After the person was energetically balanced for the allergy indoors, she completed the session outdoors.

One of Winslow’s clients attests, “Since moving to Tucson, I’ve had incapacitating pollen allergies every spring. I was unable to go outdoors
without a dust mask, due to bad sinus infections and headaches caused by pollen exposure.

“Two years of allergy shots did not seem to change this depressing situation at all. After one session with Phyllis, the incapacitating intensity of my allergic reactions was completely gone. Rather than associating springtime in Tucson with dreadful allergy symptoms, I am now enjoying the glorious spring weather!”

Energetically balancing the subconscious mind for negative patterns can help achieve positive outcomes in relationships, finances, self-esteem, health and grief. Winslow says, “When you change your subconscious, you change your life!”

Phyllis Winslow, LMT, EFT and Psych-K practitioner, can be reached at 520-909-3455.