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Spiritual Life Complements Physical Healing: An Interview with Sandra Larison

Apr 29, 2012 05:50PM ● By Dr. Michael Uzick

Sandra Larison

For about six years, I’ve referred many of my patients to my friend and colleague, Sandra Larison, for her unique approach to mentoring. She helps my patients address the nonphysical aspects of their beings in a profound way. I’m excited to announce that Sandra will be seeing clients at Genesis Natural Medicine Center. This is such a great benefit for my cancer patients, because she has a rare form of insight and wisdom that provides true clarity in every circumstance, whether it’s dealing with an illness or developing resolutions in relationships. Sandra speaks of love, one’s heart, and can guide people so that they may walk through life with the highest integrity; the first essential key to discover and fully express their true selves.

Sandra, what makes your sessions so unique?

I design each session by creating a foundation that will support us moving into unknown territories with a sense of adventure. It is important for me to establish a relationship that has mentoring guidelines. I see my sessions as two equals coming together with the common intention of discovering where in the past a decision was made to live in limitation and separation. Then set our course to change those perceptions and create much healthier decisions that support life to be a loving experience.

Would you approach a session with a cancer patient differently than a person who is struggling in a relationship?

Not necessarily, I ask everyone the same questions: First: Do you want to live? This is the foundational question that is critical for every person to answer. The second question: Do you love yourself and your life? This starts a dialogue that is of genuine interest, thus immediately creating a foundation for self-discovery. Our dialogue unfolds gently, creating andestablishing trust, as well as establishing
a platform to support an internal healing environment.

Sandra, what is the essence of your approach that enables you to guide people to clarity in their lives?

I trust in the higher levels of thought, carrying an energy that brings all of us to a state of well-being. I simply hold the knowing of perfection. If we think, speak, feel and act on the highest levels of thought, such as gratitude, appreciation, kindness and acceptance, we open our minds and hearts for wholeness to be experienced; this is our original blueprint. Our original blueprint has no disease of any kind.

My cancer patients are typically my focus, but unfortunately, the spouses, the family members and caregivers are too often left traumatized and neglected. How can you help them?

As a spiritual health mentor, I guide an individual to live from the wisdom within, allowing their true nature to find expression. If we look at the caregiver as being traumatized and neglected, we are seeing a codependent relationship. natural intelligence to express as personal
authority. If you are willing to take this journey with me, you will find new ways to live life beyond your imagination.

Sandra Larison will be a guest lecturer at Genesis Medicine Center, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., May 17. Location: 3920 N. Campbell Ave. For reservations, call 520-495-4400.

Naturopathic Physician Michael Uzick, NMD, FABNO, is a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology and owner of the Genesis Natural Medicine Center.