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BraveHeart Women Launch Party

Finding tools to succeed professionally and create prosperity are fundamental at this time for women. Experiencing growth and evolving personally is most likely a priority for any woman, and the experience of women collaborating with other visionary women has powerful meaning.

BraveHeart Women is creating a shift within the female gender from competition to collaboration, from merely surviving to thriving, from ego to essence and beyond. Celebrate feminine collaboration, personal growth and connection with amazing women in Tucson and join the ever-expanding circle of BraveHeart Women at A Day of Inspiration launch party, from 1 to 4 p.m., June 10, at the Viscount Suite Hotel.

BraveHeart Women is a global community of 400,000 and now a grassroots movement in Tucson. Founder and inspirational visionary of BraveHeart Women, Ellie Drake says, “When women resonate, they will collaborate, and when women collaborate, they will absolutely change the world.”

BraveHeart Women is about empowering women to be more, create more and collaborate more, with tools that assist them to blossom, grow, evolve personally, succeed professionally, create prosperity and collaborate locally and globally with other visionary women and leaders.

To receive a free ticket and book ($7.97 S&H), visit For more information, call 520-290-3070 or email [email protected]

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