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Expanding Benefits of Soul Healing and Reiki

Three Treasures Acupuncture and Healing Arts is expanding its focus of energetic therapies in two unique directions: Reiki for before, during and after surgery and Reiki and pediatric craniosacral therapy for children with developmental issues. Andrea Alagammai is a Karuna Reiki master, as well as practitioner of Divine Healing Hands, in the Soul Healing tradition of Master Sha. She often couples these techniques with hands-on work such as craniosacral therapy or lymph drainage therapy.

An ancient “laying on of hands” practice, Reiki can occur with physical proximity and touch or through distance healing. The practitioner intends/visualizes the transference of healing energy/light/qi. Energy medicine can enhance wellbeing, calmness and relaxation, while simultaneously expediting physical healing, including recovery time from trauma and surgical procedures. Clients may elect to receive energetic healing in person or via telephone or Skype.

Another emphasis at Three Treasures embraces working with children on the autism spectrum. For many children with moderate to severe disorders, even small improvements can greatly enhance their own and their family’s quality of life.

One of Andrea’s nephews was diagnosed with autism, and she treated him with pediatric craniosacral, Reiki, chakra balancing and energy healing whenever he was in town. She explains, “He was initially diagnosed as ‘moderate to severe. Currently, he is the ‘life of the party’ in his preschool class. Most who just meet him, including teachers, and his own pediatrician, at a subsequent visit, could hardly recognize him as autistic.”

Andrea Alagammai, LAc, MS, MA, RN, is an acupuncturist and Karuna Reiki master. Contact her at 520-298-7222.

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