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It's Never Too Late to Save Your Heart

Coronary artery disease can be reversed. The local nonprofit Foundation for Cardiovascular Health will be offering its Heart series, a comprehensive, medically directed, 36-hour interactive program, developed by Charles Katzenberg, M.D., FACC, a preventive cardiologist, and Edna Silva, RN. These sessions are intended for anyone that wants to prevent, halt, stabilize and even reverse coronary artery disease.

The 12-week Heart series will be held from 4 to 7 p.m., Tuesdays, starting September 4 through November 20, with instruction from physicians, nurses, counselors, and individuals that have successfully implemented a heart healthy program in their lives.

Program highlights include risk factor evaluations, including analysis of lipids; label reading, nutrition, supplements and how to make healthy choices when dining out; heart medication review; stress reduction techniques, which include Tai chi, yoga and heart math; and exercise instruction and communication. Dr. Katzenberg states, “It is inevitable that most of us will develop heart disease. Can we prevent heart disease? Can we add meaningful time and quality in our lives? The answer is an emphatic yes, if we embrace the concept of prevention.”

For more information and registration, call Richy Feinberg at 520-797-2281.