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The 2012 North American Conference of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) will be held from August 30 to September 2, at the Doubletree Paradise Valley Hotel, in Scottsdale, with the theme, Visions: 2012 and Beyond—Perspectives From Experiencers, Science and Spirituality.

Keynote speakers include Dannion Brinkley, on Mastering Life in This Incredible Time of Shifts and Miracles; Dr. Tony Cicoria, on The Accidental Pianist; and Nancy Clark, Ph.D., on The World Beyond 2012.

Additional activities include six workshops, a group leaders seminar, panels and group discussions, plus special events: Global Chant and performances by Tony Redhouse, Peter Sterling and Saskia Moore. Individual healing sessions are available August 30 and September 2.

More talks will be given by Dr. Eben Alexander, on Consciousness and the Near-Death Experience: Beyond 2012; Frederick Delarue, on Through the Eyes of Your Heart; David Bennett, on Experiences in the Light & Visions of the Future; Mellen-Thomas Benedict, on The Spirit of Gaia: 2012 and Beyond; Sarah Hinze, on Visions of Future Children from Near-Death Experiences; Nancy Evans Bush, on Untangling Hellish Visions; and Alex Hermosillo, on There is No Death: Only Future Beginnings.

For more than 30 years, IANDS has been the only international organization dedicated to encouraging scientific research and education on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual nature and ramifications of near-death and similar experiences.

For more information and registration, call 919-383-7940 or visit

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