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Tools for Spiritual Growth

Sant Baljit Singh

The Know Thyself as Soul Foundation is sponsoring free monthly classes on the second Saturday of each month through November, at Unity of Tucson, centered on the journey of the soul. The foundation for the themes comes from ancient teachings known as Sant Mat, which translates as “view of the saints.”

The theme for the class held from 10 to 11 a.m., August 11, is How To Reach Your Highest Potential. Participants will review The 7 Habits for Progress and how cultivating them goes a long way toward reaching our highest potential, sharing examples of truth, compassion, restraint, humility, service, diet and

“These teachings are compatible with all faiths,” explains Susan Thompson, facilitator. “There is a common thread uniting all the great religions and paths of the world. Through this common thread of love, service to others and devotion to God, we begin to experience the interconnectedness of all things.”

Location: 3617 N. Camino Blanco. For more information call Susan at 520-603-1558 or visit

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