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Natural Awakenings Tucson

The Healing Clinic believes in the Mind, Body and Spirit

Cheryl Jeffries, CCHT, CSD

Cheryl Jeffries, CCHT, CSD, has opened The Healing Clinic; Where You Heal It, in picturesque Picture Rocks, offering a supportive atmosphere for healing, built on the foundation of hypnotherapy.

We know scientifically that we can quiet our mind and communicate with our body to lower blood pressure, stop bleeding, stabilize the heartbeat and lose weight. This is the process of rewiring the brain, or creating reality. It occurs in a state of specific relaxation, or hypnosis. This technique can be applied to anything that needs to be accomplished—accept mentoring by an experienced practitioner and the possibilities are limitless.

Jeffries uses individualized service and healing packages of liquid organic whole food to balance the body, energy field analysis to assess health issues, vibrational remedies, spiritual direction adding wellbeing and life coaching to allow participants to heal and/or enhance whatever is desired.

Meetups, classes and CDs on rewiring the brain, metaphysical exploration, past life regression, pain reduction and self-hypnosis are available.

Location: 11440 W. Picture Rocks Rd., Tucson. For more information and appointments, call 520-309-8726 or visit