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Network Chiropractic Care: Alignment for Healing and Growth

Sep 29, 2012 05:58PM ● By Dr. Martha Bergner

Through our nervous systems, we experience life; we move and eat and emote, run and play, work and rest, laugh and cry. Our
inborn intelligence coordinates all our functions through the “hardware” of our brain, spinal cord and nerves. The individual that is clear of interference in his or her nervous system has a more effective connection between emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Network chiropractic care consists of a profound sequence of spinal evaluations and adjusting techniques that appear very gentle, but which have powerful and far-reaching effects on the nervous system.

In the past decades, chiropractic has taken a leap forward. Dr. Donald Epstein, a chiropractor, watched his patients in care and noticed that while some people had wonderful results, others experienced less powerful healing. He studied all the chiropractic techniques he could find, and eventually put together a network. The results have been so revolutionary that research has now documented that not only do people in network chiropractic offices report reduced pain and improved flexibility, but they also report increased energy, increased inner awareness and improved quality of life.

Our Wonderful Nervous System

The spinal cord, as it passes through the neck and back, is the main conduit from the brain for energy relay and coordination. The spinal cord is protected by the hard bones of the spine. Spinal nerves pass through the spaces between each bone, carrying vital messages to
and from the tissues and cells of the body. Through an extensive network, our inborn wisdom coordinates all functions and regenerates and animates all body parts. Every cell of the body is affected by its reception of this vital life energy. Health is a function of the quality and
quantity of nerve messages.

The messages carried by the nerves coordinate activities that go on beyond our conscious awareness, controlling our heart rate and depth and rate of breathing, for example. If the nervous system is not carrying the proper messages to the proper place at the proper time, functions can go wrong or simply not occur at all.

Interference in the transmission of nerve messages is called a subluxation. In network spinal analysis, we define two types. The first is the traditional structural subluxation, due to compression or squeezing of a nerve as it passes through the opening between bones of the spine. It is usually a result of a mechanical or physical stress from which the body could not recover. The second type of subluxation is
called a facilitated subluxation. This is an elongation or twisting of the spinal cord and its associated nervous tissue. This is most likely
due to emotional,mental or chemical stress from which the body-mind has not recovered.

Adapting to The Environment

Any time there is a change in our environment, whether it be physical, chemical, mental or emotional, we must adapt to it. Our nervous system perceives the change and messages are passed along the nerves to the brain, which reacts and sends messages back along the nervous system to accomplish any movement or other change that is appropriate. If we cannot adapt totally, there is a twisting, stretching
or compression of the system, and his interference disrupts the nervous system’s ability to receive new information. This is a subluxation. Essentially, information has been received, but it has not been fully processed or reacted to. Now the system must function by perceiving
new information through a filter of old information. Our subluxations become a way of life.

We have become so accustomed to the feel of our dominant patterns that we may have subluxations for many years before the cumulative effect is sufficient to produce an overt symptom, such as pain. Symptoms are warning signs, indicating that change is necessary.

Very light contact in a specific place at a specific time can have important effects on our nervous system. The “adjustment” is created by the body’s response to the directed force. This force may be gentle or firm, dependingupon what our body needs. When the subluxation is released and proper spinal alignment is restored, our life force energy is released to resume its natural flow.

Finding True Health

A local interference to the expression of our body’s healing intelligence and forces can have a global effect on our health and quality of life. In like manner, as the health of individuals in any locality improves, a more naturally peaceful state can evolve in our global community, as well.

Martha Bergner is a chiropractic physician, practicing in Tucson. For more information, call 520-296-5899 or visit