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Help In Dealing With Impossible People

Bill White, founder of Healthy Couples Love Relationship Coaching, has added a new dimension to his work, helping people determine whether they may be in a relationship with a person with an impossible personality or if they’re with someone who is just difficult. White states, “At times, any of us can be difficult to relate to. However, some people are more than difficult. They are impossible. You need to know how to recognize and deal with them before they destroy your well-being and the very fabric of your life.”

He says that people with impossible personalities are often hard to identify, because their outward presentation can be quite wonderful, concealing potential behaviors such as blaming, raging, controlling, manipulating, lying and vague or misleading communication.

According to White, there is one key trait that will help identify if a person is impossible or just difficult; they never admit fault. He advises, “With a person who has an impossible personality, you do not want to try to make the relationship work, nor do you want to attempt to get your logical and reasonable message across. It won’t happen. You want to find a way to limit or end contact with that person.”

White’s forthcoming book is titled, Challenging Relationships: Who’s Difficult, Who’s Impossible. For more information, call 520-319-9132, email [email protected] or visit

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