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Holly's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I know you’ve had this Christmas gig for a zillion years now and you’ve been doing a wonderful job. There are just a couple of things I want to share with you in this month’s issue; healthy, fun new-fangled ideas that you might enjoy and help us to pass along. We’ve got tips for the Christmas tree that will help our environment and advice for attending holiday parties while staying trim and energetic, and tips for nurturing the season’s true messages of love, hope and peace.

Did you know, Santa, that in several cities here in America we can now “adopt” (rent) a live tree for the season? If this is not available in your neck of the woods (especially way up there in the North Pole), be sure to recycle your tree or even purchase use a live one to replant after the holidays.

Santa, because we all want to feel our best this season, we’ll be watching our waistlines (a friendly hint) as we’re sampling tasty treats this year. Because we care about you so much, we want you to be mindful of your real feelings and needs, instead of just filling up with eggnog and fruitcake. Santa, you might try writing out your worries about keeping the reindeer fed and fueled, about landing in a chimney fire or having enough gifts for all the good girls and boys. Write all your worries down and we think you’ll feel better and not eat so much. And Santa, it’s best to fill a small plate with goodies and sit down rather than stand by the treat table, grazing.

For your parties there at the pole, please take a few copies of our December issue and show Mrs. Clause our special healthy holiday treat recipes, taking special note of my favorite, chocolate avocado pudding with a twist—bananas—to add some natural sweetness!

I know it’s early, but our wish list for 2013 includes the possibility that we may wake up to our oneness; the deep unity that connects us all, in a spirit of cooperation, connectedness and unity to grow and flourish in the world. We want more and more people to discover and express their hearts’ desire and find their unique place in the service of all of life. We hope to learn to work together toward overlapping, rather than competing, goals. To understand what we mean, just read our article, “It’s All About We,” for inspiring examples of this new “me-we” thinking and collaborations that are already happening for the higher good.

That’s all for now, Santa. I know it’s usually a surprise, but I’m going to let you in on my secret early this year—I plan to bake “Sylvia’s Favorite Peanut Butter Cookies,” for you to enjoy with your organic, grass-fed, free-range milk this year. 

Thank you Santa for all that you do to make the season bright and for sharing our messages, too! And please don’t forget our advertisers; they work so hard to help our community and we love them all.

With much love and good old-fashioned holiday cheer, 

Holly Baker, Publisher

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