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Self-Sabotage and Psychological Reversal

Nov 29, 2012 02:18PM ● By Phyllis Winslow

Every day, we make choices, many of which arise from our unconscious. Sometimes we want to change and it seems like whatever we do, it just doesn’t happen; for example, we might like a new job, to feel better or to lose weight.

Dr. Roger Callahan, creator of Thought Field Therapy, noticed people that resist change, even though they want to change, often have a “psychological reversal.” People with money problems will probably muscle test weakly for, “I want to be successful.” At an unconscious level, they may not believe they deserve to succeed.

Callahan found that this psychological reversal caused an energy blockage in the acupuncture meridians, and that by tapping on specific points while the person is thinking about a negative pattern, long-standing problems, including those where we self-sabotage, disappear.

Psychological reversal occurs in many situations. For example, one woman, frustrated after looking for a house for a long time, had a psychological reversal. She did not believe she would ever find the perfect house, but within a month, after being cleared, she had signed the papers.

Phyllis Winslow, LMT, EFT and PSYCH-K practitioner, uses muscle testing in her energy healing work to find and clear psychological reversal, and can be reached at 520-909-3455.