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A Healing Touch for Stress and Pain

Bio-Touch Center for healing offers 30-minute sessions on Cardiac Tuesday, Back Pain Wednesday and other days to reduce most pain and symptoms of disease by appointment.

This is an active time of year for sports enthusiasts. Leagues, competitions and personal fitness activities put stress and strain on muscles and bone, and having a healing enhancing Bio-Touch session speeds recovery.

The myriad pains that we call sports injuries can slow or halt a run, bike, hike or yoga or sideline a competitive team player. The recovery always seems too long, and many people reinjure themselves by going out again too soon. Avoiding that step backwards is best done by increasing the healing process. Research at the University of Arizona, University of Texas and Northwest Oklahoma State has shown that Bio-Touch relieves stress and primary pain. As a treatment for chronic pain, people using Bio-Touch may also reduce their intake of pain medications.

All sessions are conducted on a donation basis. Location: 5634 E. Pima St. For more information or appointments, call 323-7951.

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