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Genesis Natural Medicine Center

Jan 30, 2013 10:57AM ● By Dale Bruder

Genesis Natural Medicine Center is celebrating its first anniversary. Co-founders Dr. Michael Uzick and Pam Stewart have successfully created a unique center for health and healing. Uzick is the only naturopathic medical doctor board certified in naturopathic oncology (FABNO) in the Tucson area. He has seen hundreds of new patients this past year and is committed to helping each one achieve optimal health. Stewart, executive director, continues to stand firm in her resolve to keep Genesis a warm, inviting place for patients to experience the best medical care available today. Their passion for excellent patient-centered care is the bond that makes Genesis the extraordinary center it has become.

The center’s feng shui design and eclectically appointed, calming, spacious layout provides multiple venues for health, wellness and rejuvenation treatments. The 3,100-square-foot suite has a gorgeous lobby, beautiful treatment rooms, a captivating and tranquil interior atrium, a restful IV suite and a top-of-the-line far-infrared sauna in its own room with a private shower.

Genesis Natural Medicine Center is growing. Dr. Nancy Aton joined Genesis this past summer and brings with her 30 years of experience as a highly skilled naturopath. She served as president of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association. Aton serves as a consultant to Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medical Fellowship program and has been part of that program for the past 12 years. Aton is passionate about women’s health and pediatrics. She has been a naturopathic obstetrician and delivered more than 900 babies and now enjoys offering a doula service.

Uzick and Stewart believe that Aton is a perfect fit for Genesis. Her goal as a physician is to provide exceptional care for her patients. “Being a good diagnostician is getting to know our patients,” says Aton. “The average medical doctor spends seven minutes with a patient. At Genesis, we spend much more time. We assess the patient, conduct a thorough physical exam and get to know them as well as possible. Our patients benefit from this extra time with a clear understanding of their diagnosis and condition.” She also provides medical marijuana certification for patients that meet the state’s requirements.

Dr. Fred Weiner joined Genesis in 2012 and brings 36 years of experience in the practice of excellent chiropractic care. He embraces the Genesis philosophy of providing the best attention for the body while nurturing the heart. Weiner is called “magic hands” by many of his patients. “As an applied kinesiologist, my work is based on the anatomical fact that the joints of the spine are loaded with nerve endings. Those nerve endings in the joints of the spine are constantly sending messages into the central processing centers of the brain, and those centers interface with all the other parts of the brain, including the subconscious parts of the midbrain, which regulates hormones, emotions, psychological states and much more.” Uzick and Stewart are proud to have Weiner as a member of the Genesis team.

It is not a surprise that Genesis would offer services by practitioners with the highest degree of knowledge and training to ensure the patient receives the most effective treatments. Their colon hydrotherapist is Aton. As a doctor, she begins the service by doing a lower GI exam. At times, other health concerns are identified during that exam. Many natural health advocates believe that all disease begins in the colon. This therapy is the most effective way to cleanse this part of the body, compared to any other method. “Having a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract provides my patients with the security that I can discern what would be most beneficial for the patient,” adds Aton. Acupuncturist MaryAnn Tully obtained her national acupuncture certification, as well as graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine almost 30 years ago. Her acute depth of understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture has attracted a variety of patients, from those in addiction and trauma recovery at Sierra Tucson to guests in the medical department at Canyon Ranch Health Resort. She says, “I have experienced, with my own healing journey in my life and with my work with my patients, that the way of living philosophies, practices and treatments of the natural sciences and traditions of medicine truly are powerful in gentle ways.”

Massage therapy is another important healing tool, and Genesis just announced that Eileen Gavin will be joining the practice. She specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, sports and prenatal massage. Gavin studied under Master Fong and incorporates his acupressure techniques. Her Upledger certification in cranial sacral therapy is another gentle, yet powerful tool that enables her to address patient needs on multiple levels. Her highly intuitive ability to deliver the most healthful massage for each patient makes her a welcomed addition to Genesis.

Uzick and Stewart believe that the foundation of an excellent medical center is an exceptional office staff. Uzick comments, “Even the best doctor supported by insensitive staff will result in a negative experience for patients. That is why we put so much time and energy into choosing the right people. Christie Young, our front office coordinator, is an excellent example of the Genesis philosophy. She carefully listens to our patients and represents the high integrity and professionalism the position requires.”

In response to their commitment to education, in 2012, Genesis Natural Medicine Center hosted free monthly lectures which included: Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease, Natural Cancer Therapies and Cancer Prevention, Isn’t it Time You Felt like Yourself Again?— Natural Hormone Replacement, Simple Summer Nutrition Solutions and You Can Be a Healthy Woman at Any Age. A local chef provided organic, tasty samples of foods related to the theme of each lecture.

Things are continuing to evolve at Genesis. A beautiful, state-of-the-art website is currently under construction. The monthly lectures will now take the form of a bimonthly series, and will be partnering with local businesses. On February 28, Genesis will present the first lecture in the series— Food As Medicine—where Uzick will address, “What is all the buzz about the paleolithic diet?” Chef Kenny, from Wildflower Restaurant, will be demonstrating how to make a delicious paleo meal. Wildflower will also be offering a special Genesis-inspired paleo menu for their guests for the month of February. Aton is also going out into the community and presenting lectures in small venues for various groups around the valley, speaking to school PTO groups, local church groups and health groups.

Stewart makes it clear that, “No matter how much Genesis is changing, one thing will always remain the same—our commitment is to provide outstanding patient care on every level.” Uzick adds, “What it all comes down to is that there’s nothing more satisfying than helping people regain their health and well-being. That genuine commitment and passion is what brought us all together.

After all, at Genesis Natural Medicine Center… it is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

Genesis Natural Medicine Center is located at 3920 N. Campbell Ave. For more information, call 520-495-4400 or visit

Dale Bruder is a regular contributor to Tucson Natural Awakenings.