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New Year’s Resolutions and Weight Control

Nancy Karsh

Weight control is a hot topic after New Year’s resolutions are made, but it takes more than just talk to accomplish our goals. Karsh Group Health & Wellness specializes in supporting clients’ discovery of how to achieve health and wellness in their life. Theirs is a holistic approach for lifelong good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that adjusts for the many changes life brings.

The Karsh Group provides individual coaching/ counseling, group workshops and seminars, a monthly newsletter and other information resources, as well as links to favorite products and services.

Owner Nancy Karsh says, “Our own health and wellness is a precious gift for which each of us is responsible. When they are compromised, everything and everyone suffers. What we do or don’t do to protect that gift significantly impacts the quality of our life— and the lives of those we love. Live like your life depends on it—because it does!”

For more information and a complimentary appointment, call Nancy Karsh at 520-975-0152 or visit

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