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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Speeds Recovery Times

Jan 30, 2013 11:09AM ● By Laura Key

Our lymphatic system may not be constantly on our minds, but this critical body system is constantly working to help us maintain optimum health. It absorbs, transports and cleanses fluids from body tissues, capturing waste, rogue cells, bacteria and foreign matter. A sluggish or compromised lymph system can lead to lymphedema, fatigue and susceptibility to illness. Lymphedema, the accumulation of lymph fluid in body tissues, can cause a sense of heaviness, aching discomfort, numbness, stiffness and swelling, and when untreated can cause serious problems.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) accelerates movement of fluid through the lymph system by up to 10 times. When lymph nodes have been removed or damaged by surgery or radiation, MLD helps maintain normal lymphatic and immune function, using a specific sequence of precise movements that reflect lymphatic system anatomy. Treatments are gentle, relaxing and pleasant. Receiving MLD before and after surgery can shorten recovery time and reduce pain, swelling and scarring. MLD aids recovery from colds, flu and other illnesses and also supports detoxification and enhances the benefits of cleansing programs.

Laura Key is the owner of Lotus Massage & Wellness Center, which offers the Vodder Institute method of manual lymphatic drainage, the method most recognized by doctors and the health community. For clients with lymphedema, Lotus Center also offers fitting for custom compression garments. For more information, contact Lotus Massage & Wellness Center at 520-326-7700.