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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Dr. Tim Harrigan : Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Tim Harrigan, a chiropractic physician practicing in Tucson, says, “As a husband and father, I’m often amazed by the simple joys in life. The simple moments of watching my children play, their laughter or relaxing with my loving wife. These are the moments I want to relive again and again. I look forward to the future, seeing my children grow up and have children of their own. But the richness of these experiences will diminish if my health slips away. I know if my overall wellness deteriorates it will impact the quality of my life and those who love me. I must take care of my body as best as I know how. I hold this responsibility out of love for my wife and children.”

He continues, “If you’ve ever been sick, you know how a simple courtesy can make a big difference in how you feel. You know the feeling of someone handing you a soft tissue when you have a terrible cold or allergies. So why do most doctors’ offices make you feel worse?”

Harrigan empathizes with patients, saying, “Imagine how you’d feel if you walked into the lobby and heard the soft sound of water trickling from a nearby fountain. What if a staff member greeted you warmly by name and offered you a place to relax and a cold beverage? Imagine careful attention being taken to accommodate a place for your things and to ensure you feel comfortable. What if your questions were answered, even ones you didn’t know you had? How would this make you feel? What if you could experience this every time you visited your doctor? These were the criteria when we created our natural health and wellness center.”

He sums up his philosophy this way: “At Synergy Wellness, we believe there are five tenets to health: nutrition, sleep, mental well-being, exercise, and a properly functioning nervous system. I invite you to experience the magic of what happens when your health care team cares about your overall wellness, not just your symptoms. Call to schedule your visit today. Together, we’ll get you on the path to wellness.”

Prospective patients receive a free consultation and a free, 29-page organic recipe e-book. Location: 6031 E. Grant Rd. For more information, call 520-818-8857 or visit