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Help for Lymphedema

Mar 04, 2013 12:12PM

Certified Lymphedema Therapist Justine Robbins offers a lymphedema clinic twice a week at the Arizona Cancer Center north campus and at the Arizona Oncology northwest offices. Treatment includes lymph drainage therapy, fitting for compression garments and education of patients and their families.

Lymph performs essential cleansing and detoxifying action every moment of every day. An overloaded or compromised lymphatic system may result in feelings of heaviness, fullness or sluggishness in the body. One particularly serious consequence of compromised lymphatic function is lymphedema. This localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system is an often-overlooked side effect of cancer treatment.

The most common cause of lymphedema in the United States is surgery and radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. Breast cancer patients that have had radiation therapy or lymph nodes removed are at risk for lymphedema of the arm, torso, abdomen and remaining breast tissue. In addition to being uncomfortable or even painful, tissues with lymphedema are at risk of infection. Although no permanent cure for lymphedema is known, it can be treated and should be proactively managed.

Although lymphatic drainage therapies are essential in the treatment of lymphedema, they also benefit other conditions such as post-surgical wound healing, chronic pain, tissue-fluid stagnation, some autoimmune diseases, congestion headaches and others.

For more information or a free phone consultation, call 520-908-8907. To schedule an appointment, call Supportive Care for Healing at 520-694-1812, or Arizona Oncology Resource Services at 520-877-9038.

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