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Explore The Space for Esoteric Learning

The principle that underlies all of the services available at The Space learning and healing center is, “All of life comes to me with ease, and joy, and glory.” It is a place to receive and contribute healing for the body, mind and spirit.

The Space founders, Chef Carla McCurry and her husband, Doug Smith, bring years of experience in food preparation skill, nutrition, energy work, access consciousness facilitation and channeling to create a combination of whole body, health and vitality. The Space offers life coaching, vegan and raw food classes, Access Consciousness Bars classes and sessions, deeksha energy circles, bars shares, dining club nights, energy clearing movies nights and potlucks.

Their goal is to join with individuals in their personal development journey, creating balance and communion with body, mind and spirit. At The Space, people have the opportunity for sharing, learning and growth to realize their highest potential.

Location: 103 N. Park Ave., Ste. 107. For more information, call 520-241-3191, email [email protected] or visit,

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