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Secret Ingredient for Creating Reality Revealed

Cheryl Jeffries, founder and operator of The Healing Clinic; Where You Heal It, delves into the subject of hope in her new book, Zen of Hope. Hope is first thought energy that lends itself to making it all happen in the next steps. Hope is the essential ingredient to creating, to evolving, to manifesting and to moving past the stuck energy of pain, boredom and depression.

This book speaks volumes to those in a tough current life cycle that are attempting to move into hope and create the life they desire. The reader is drawn into the lives of others that used hope to design their reality and information is given for practitioners and caregivers to mentor hope in care receivers.

The book is also about Jeffries’ spiritual journey of hope and manifest as she left it all and travelled for years with her dog and van, and then with backpack overseas. Jeffries searched for hope in her own quest to live beyond the pain of an autoimmune disease and always strives to thrive, not just survive.

To receive a free book, send an e-mail with the subject line “free book” to [email protected].

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