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Bonnie’s Herb Garden at a Farmers’ Market Near You

Bonnie’s Herb Garden is a locally owned and operated purveyor of powerful herbal medicines that have been used since the beginning of time to give us what we need to care for any illness that may present itself. Their customers appreciate the kind and helpful services they receive and quality of the fresh-dried medicinal herbs and plants they carry.

The owners personally began their journey for true health and freedom when one of their own family members faced a serious illness. It was be the beginning of life and empowerment as nature had intended.

Our wellbeing affects not only our physical bodies, but our spiritual and emotional bodies, as well. Today, more people are looking for inexpensive alternatives for their healthcare and seeking these ancient healing plants once again. Herbal healing answers all of these needs.

See the Community Calendar for times and locations. For more information, call 520-329-5808, email [email protected] or visit

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