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Live Greener Than You Think With Natural Gas

Consumers are becoming more aware than ever of how their lifestyle affects the environment, making natural gas a natural choice when it comes to going green. Besides being domestically abundant, affordable and highly efficient, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available, emitting 45 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal and 30 percent less CO2 than oil. Because the combustion of natural gas results in less pollution, it can help lower the levels of smog and acid rain. In addition to having a smaller carbon footprint, natural gas is also a reliable fuel source combined with solar, wind and other renewable energies.

Natural gas utilities, such as Southwest Gas, are going even further to enhance the value of natural gas with energy efficiency programs and rebates that encourage customers to make smart energy choices. In turn, these programs will help better the environment, increase customers’ home energy efficiency and save them money on their utility bills.

Southwest Gas is offering homeowners rebates for qualified energy-efficient natural gas clothes dryers, tankless water heaters, lavatory faucets and smart low-flow showerheads. Rebates are also available for high-efficiency windows and installation of solar water heating systems using a natural gas backup. Commercial customers can take advantage of rebates on a wide range of commercial equipment, including storage and tankless water heaters, boilers and other foodservice equipment.

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