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What’s So Super About Superfoods?

Apr 27, 2013 08:52AM ● By Arlene H. Siegel

“Superfood” is one of the latest buzzwords being tossed about in the health arena today. Because there is no precise definition, many foods are being labeled as superfoods, along with dramatic claims. Thus, dietitians and nutritionists question or even dispute the claims and think of them as mere marketing tools.

Putting that controversy aside, here is a basic definition. Superfood is a food that is low in calorie density, but high in nutrient content. They can be loosely grouped together into categories such as green, vegetable, bee or seaweed superfoods. One example from each of these categories might be wheatgrass, maca (a root crop), bee pollen and spirulina (a saltwater plant).

One of the most common benefits of superfood is a dramatic increase of energy. What woman wouldn’t like more energy? Additional benefits include a stronger immune system, better digestion, glowing skin and a sense of well-being. Just add one or more of these superfoods to any eating lifestyle. For instance, eat a handful of bee pollen, add maca to a green smoothie, along with other superfood powders, or go exotic and make a superfood ice cream.

Whether our goal is to be SuperWoman or not, consuming superfoods can take us to a new, natural high in our health journey. Because each of us is on our own unique health journey, it is important to be bold and experiment with superfoods. Start with one and take note of how it feels, and then try another and compare.

Arlene H. Siegel is the owner of R’s Raw Kitchen. Contact her at 520-256-1663 or

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