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Haskvitz Offers Family Wellness Makeover

Sylvia Haskvitz

Sylvia Haskvitz, MA, RD, is looking for five families ready to learn and eager to enjoy sustained health and well-being. She perceives chronic diseases as running rampant, but believes that the trend can be stopped, family-by-family, stating, “’It’s in the genes’ is not an excuse for how your genes are expressed. That is up to you and your family’s lifestyle choices.”

A Family Wellness Makeover includes skills and tools for conscious food choices, healthful eating and body awareness; movement and exercise; deeper self-connection and connection to family and friends (NVC); and handling stress with ease.

Haskvitz holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics and a master’s degree in speech and communication studies, with a focus on interpersonal and intercultural communication. She is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and the author of Eat By Choice, Not By Habit ( and contributing author to Healing Our Planet, Healing Ourselves. Email [email protected] for consideration and information about joining this program, facilitated by seasoned professionals. 

Coming in May
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