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Healing with Oriental Food Therapy

Jungin Yee, a graduate of the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, has released her first book about the healing nature of common foods. Food Therapy is based on the nutrition principles of Oriental medicine and examines the character and therapeutic effects of many common foods.

Yee grew up in Korea, where using food to support health and treat disease was an integral part of the culture. When she began her practice in acupuncture, she found her clients responsive to the concepts of food therapy, but in need of education and guidance. In Food Therapy, Yee introduces Oriental medicine concepts in a lay-friendly format, including personal stories, shopping tips and recipes to inspire the cook.

Yee says, “Early humans foraged for food and through a process of trial and error, not only figured out what was edible, but determined what was medicinal. My book revives the ancient wisdom of food therapy, identifying the properties of foods according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.”

Food Therapy is available in electronic format from and in print format from Jungin’s clinic in Tucson. For more information, contact Jungin at 520-205-0887 or visit

Coming in May
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