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Summertime Essentials For Bites and Stings

Along with the summer heat, come all the critters that walk and fly. In their human encounters they often bite or sting, leaving one with a swollen, itching or painful area. These three homeopathic remedies may help keep yourself and your loved ones comfortable. Apis is the first choice for bee or wasp stings, especially with allergic reactions. It can prevent severe swelling, itching, burning and sharp pain from all insect bites and stings. Ledum helps reduce the swelling and bruising of puncture wounds and can aid in preventing an infection. Hypericum alleviates numbness, burning, tenderness, sensitive nerves, spasms and severe pain from puncture wounds. Remember to take a remedy as quickly as possible after the sting or bite, and keep in mind it is meant to complement any medical attention you need. Also, Rescue Remedy, a combination of five flower essences, may help you relax and stay calm whenever you are hurt.

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