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Aqua Vita is More Than a Health Food Store

Aug 01, 2013 10:51AM ● By Sylvia Haskvitz

Some come to Aqua Vita Natural Foods Market for the largest selection of herbs in Tucson, including bulk herbal extracts. Some come for the “magic” water and some for the personal service, but owner Mohan Singh still seems to know the names of all of the regulars that frequent the store. It’s a neighborhood place in the center of town and an easy bicycle or car ride to or from the St. Philips farmers’ market.

This family-owned store is on the corner of Glenn and Country Club, next to Caravan Market. Singh is at the helm, with his son Harmeet as the general manager. Suman Kaur, Singh’s daughter, focuses on buying herbs and is the supplement and body care specialist. Harmeet’s wife, Sarab Kaur, is the newest family member to join the team. The rest of the crew includes three other longtime devoted employees.

They live their family values by eating healthful, high-quality organic food, taking herbs when needed at home and offering these same products to their customers to purchase from their store. Their hope is to increase awareness in the community of the possibilities for choosing a healthy lifestyle to support well-being.

The store’s roots are in pure water, organic produce, herbal remedies, nutrition and a holistic view of well-being. Aqua Vita is committed to serving the community with supportive customer care, vibrant organic food and knowledge to empower your mind, body and spirit.

Aqua Vita is committed to providing the cleanest, freshest and liveliest water humankind is capable of producing, following the basic principles that the planet Earth uses to make fresh water. The staff steam distills it (evaporation, formation of clouds and rain), uses ultraviolet light (sunlight), carbon and micron filters (rain filters through soil and bedrock creating groundwater), and then adds a "magic touch" to complete this signature product.

They claim that steam distillation produces the purest water of any process and creates less wastewater, which is a wise and conscientious approach, especially here in the desert. Ultraviolet light, micron filters and carbon filters prevent potential contaminants from surviving while the water is in storage and on its way to its bottle. Their "magic" involves magnets and spinning, creating a similar phenomenon to water running down a rocky mountain stream.

The clientele comprises people of all ages; some that have been living and eating healthy and some just beginning to dip their toe in the healthy lifestyle pool. Those looking for alternative cancer support may drop by the store for Essiac tea in bulk capsule or liquid form, cleanse kits and Swedish bitters to detoxify. All of their produce is organic and comes from local sources when available.

Their bulk section is quite impressive, from chia seeds and hemp seeds to raw nuts, dulse and tasty snacks for adults and children. They sell raw cow’s milk from Save your Dairy, in Queen Creek, Arizona, which for some is an incredible and rare healthy find.

Aqua Vita also supports local creative efforts such as Deborah Mayaan’s flower essences from her company, Building Health, and flower essences from Desert Alchemy, made by Cynthia Anthina Kemp Scherer. Other offerings include Kuumbu Made’s fragrance oils, lotions and salves and Kate’s Magic, body and massage oil, fragrance oils and body lotions.

Raw chocolate treats from Indigenous Nutrition and fresh sprouts from the Tucson-based Grassroots company can also be purchased there. Local Essene bread and Small Planet Bakery bread and cookies are delivered daily. The Tucson Tamale Company supplies tamales and Cafe Desta’s burritos are another welcome addition. Aqua Vita sells local honey, eggs, healthy snacks and other tasty lunch items, too.

Aqua Vita natural Foods Market is located at 2801 N. Country Club Rd., in Tucson. For more information, call 520-293-7770 or visit

Sylvia Haskvitz, MA, RD, is a certified NVC trainer and the author of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit.