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Focus on Overall Health for Cancer Prevention

Aug 01, 2013 12:25PM ● By Arlene H. Siegel

Today, it seems to be the minority that has been spared the ordeal of dealing with cancer in their own body or that of a loved one. After cancer is diagnosed and the initial shock has worn off, we must consider lifestyle changes in addition to our treatment options. A common question is, “What foods are good for fighting cancer cells?”

How about reframing that question? What if we do not wait for any life-threatening diagnosis, but rather take a preventive approach? Let’s ask the question, “What foods do I need to eat on a daily basis to not only be healthy, but to be healthy beyond belief?”

The answer is to begin with greens. Yes, eat them every day in a variety of ways. Start the day with a green smoothie. Have a salad as a side with lunch and/or a big salad for dinner. Add colorful veggies to the smoothie and the salad for additional phytonutrients of all kinds. Make salads more interesting by blending a sensational salad dressing. Summertime is a fantastic season for so many delicious options like stone fruits and melons. Be sure to eat fruits first—because they digest so quickly, it is best to eat them before cooked foods.

Focus on overall health. The same healthy foods will restore health no matter what the disease label is. Remember that our body inherently wants to be healthy, but it needs healthy ingredients to do that.

Arlene H. Siegel is the owner of R's Raw Kitchen, in Tucson. Contact her at 520-256-1663 or

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