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Get Ready for the Holiday Food Fights

You are what you eat, and that’s especially true around Halloween and the holidays. Kristen Codianni, a certified holistic health coach with Surprisingly Healthy, is offering a 14 Day Pre-Halloween Food Discovery Program.

Through email and tele-sessions, the program addresses mood, relationships, energy, skin, hormones, gut health, focus, career, aging, sleep, organs, nervous system and stress, as well as how well they all work together.

Participants will learn to understand how diet and lifestyle truly impact all areas of life, get un-stuck, adapt to and deal with changes in life, recognize and correct problems before they escalate and achieve their goals and dreams.

Students will be guided through a documentation process; have a mid-way “check-in” session with Codianni; have a full session with Codianni after day 14; review the findings and learn what it all means; receive specific actions to make improvements now; and receive recommendations for their next steps.

By documenting food habits, cravings and triggers, people become aware of connections between behaviors and food. Everyone has them, and it’s important to recognize the unhealthy ones, deconstruct them and make changes.

Cost is $197. For more information, call 520-762-1314, email [email protected]. For a free, 30-minute strategy session, visit

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