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Awakening Humanity

Dec 02, 2013 03:02PM ● By Holly Baker, Publisher

Welcome to our special Awakening Humanity issue, where you will receive some great advice from Eckhart Tolle and others about improving your life and making the world a better place to live. But why does humanity so desperately need awakening? That would imply that we are all asleep somehow.

That’s right, we are. Why else would we put toxic food into our bodies that will make us sick and trash the only environment we have, which will make us sicker still? Why else would we not see that we are all the same and interconnected instead exploiting and warring with each other over what are in the long run trivial differences? Why else would we not all cooperate to find solutions to our common problems and live in peace and harmony together? We need to wake up all right, and quickly.

Stand in the right section of a large bookstore while there are a few left and you will be surrounded by hundreds of books containing solutions to mankind’s existential dilemma. They are all saying the same thing in different voices for different ears to hear—the answer is not difficult to find, it is easy; it is not just sitting there in front of us to grasp, we possess it already and always have. Even the Bible says, “The kingdom of heaven lies within.” Let’s wake up and smell the roses.

The holidays are upon us and we can begin exercising some awareness when it comes to decorating, entertaining and gift-giving. Claire O’Neil will get you on track with some practical tips in her article, “Green Merry-Making.”

Our annual Gift-Giving Guide highlights some of the cooler presents, including gift certificates for soothing services, that are available from the merchants and practitioners you see every month right here in our pages. I’m sure you will find a few things that are just what the Santa in you has been looking for, but can you do me a favor? When you are out and about, please say that you learned about them in Natural Awakenings!

To all you animal lovers out there (that’s everybody, right?), please read our Natural Pet department feature, “Pet First-Aid Kits,” by Sandra Murphy. At this time of year, when people are visiting family from across town or out of town, dogs and cats (Leave your bird at home!) can get lost in the shuffle and accidents happen. Veterinary facilities may be closed more days than usual, so having a kit like this could be a lifesaver.

If you do happen to get tensed up by all that’s going on, there’s a simple way to deal with it. Just read “Bust Stress with Breathing,” by Steve Ross, MA, and start relaxing. And then… Let’s eat!

Holly Baker, Publisher

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